Happy Dussehra 2017 – All You Want To Know About Significance Of Vijaydashami

Happy Dussehra 2017

While the northern and southern parts of the country commemorates Dussehra as the day of Ram’s victory over Ravana, the eastern part remembers the slaying of Mahisasura – the buffalo demon by Maa Durga.

While the northern and southern parts of the nation celebrates it as the day of Ram’s triumph over Ravana, the eastern part recollects the killing of Mahisasura – the bison devil by Durga. Though each state adds its own flavor to Dussehra, its imagery continues as before – the triumph of good finished fiendishness. Dussehra or Vijayadashami marks the finish of the nine-day long festive journey of Navratras.

It is representative of fresh starts and in this manner denotes the beginning of arrangements for the celebration of lights – Diwali, which comes twenty days after the celebration. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Dus’ implies malevolence and ‘Hara’ remains for demolition and Dussehra basically connotes rebuilding after disarray and obliteration.

This year 2017, the day is being celebrated on September 30.

Ramlila exhibitions, which include individuals ordering the life and magnificence of Ram through short plays, additionally shape a basic piece of the celebration. Huge models of Ravana, who had snatched Sita, are scorched alongside that of his siblings Meghanada and Kumbakaran in the northern and southern piece of the nation as a feature of Dussehra festivities.

A standout amongst the most famous highlights of this day is the Shindur Khela, where hitched ladies spread vermilion on each other subsequent to influencing offerings to the goddess, to keep to the delights of their wedded lives in place. The eastern part adds its own particular flavor to the loftiness where it is praised as Vijayadashmi – the day of Durga’s arrival to paradise subsequent to decontaminating the universe of shrewdness powers.

In the meantime, individuals plan to say goodbye to sad to the Goddess as she gets ready for her ride back to paradise in a different vaahan each year – this year her vaahan is a stallion. As Ravana is scorched, cries of satisfaction top off Ramlila maidaans.

The day of Dussehra likewise holds a ton of significance for Buddhists in the nation as it is on this very day, that the well known ruler of the Mauryan Empire – Ashoka vowed peacefulness and changed over to Buddhism.

Regardless of societies or convictions, the meaning of Dussehra continues as before – the onset of a new journey after the top of evil.


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