Grand Theft Auto V Online Transform Races Mode Available Next Week

Grand Theft Auto V
Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar released a trailer for this game mode that will be released in the coming week, on 17 October.The multiplayer Grand Theft Auto V Online will have another game mode released, and it is called Transform Races.

Grand Theft Auto V Online: Stunt Races with a Twist

This mode concentrates on stunt races in various vehicles and environments. From what the trailer looks, we will see astounding trick races with a player having its vehicle changed between bicycles, planes or autos, when the landscape changes and when they go through a checkpoint.

The change will be made with no other trace of when it will happen, in this manner rendering an all the more engaging game play. Players will likewise be transported through ‘Twists’, getting to different zones that will provide more trick races.

The updates to Grand Theft Auto V Online will likewise upgrade player check, expanding it to up to 30 players on consoles (PlayStation 4 and Xbox One). We will likewise observe two more vehicles included the refresh. a Batmobile-style auto, the Vigilante, a supercar and another helicopter that is somewhat not the same as the Hunter.

Players ought to expect in the following: Condemned and Dogfight, each having better approaches for engaging the players.

Condemned is a mode that will have one player on the clock that must be the “dead man strolling” and will just survive in the event that he gets the opportunity to pass it to another player.

The other mode occurs noticeable all around, where players will fight talented pilots for the primary spot. As should be obvious, the modes are giving players two altogether unique game encounters.

Other approaching modes will arrive through various events, for example, Halloween and December occasions so Grand Theft Auto V fans ought to be snared in and prepared to have their a great time.


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